The backyard can play a number of roles. Whether you are looking for a relaxing place outdoors or a space to host your guests during a barbecue, giving your backyard an upgrade is always advisable.

Here we show you 10 before and after backyard transformation photos that will inspire you for your next project!

1. Bland and Plain

The extended living space made this home even better! Source: HGTV


This simple, bland backyard lacked character. It was just an empty space filled with grass and autumn leaves. But the upgrade delivered excellent function by making good use of the space. It also transformed the entire landscape while extending the outdoor living space remarkably.

2. Buggy and Tiring

The landscaping made a lot of difference! Source: HGTV


You don’t need to invest a lot to have a decent backyard. But if you don’t do anything at all, chances are you will end up with something that looks rugged and boring. This was the case with this example here until it was fully revamped with additional landscaping and extra furniture. The difference is huge!

3. An Overgrown Mess

Gotta take care of that landscape! Source: HGTV


It’s a good thing to have plant life on your backyard but the moment you let it go without any maintenance, it becomes a huge mess. Besides, a badly kept yard just looks like a waste of space. But a simple upgrade featuring a walkway and a small garden made all the difference in this.

4. Cluttered Look

Can’t let the clutter get the best out of your backyard. Source: HGTV


If you are one of those people who throw everything and anything to the backyard, then eventually you will end up with a dump site. It will not only be an eyesore but also a safety hazard that you will have to deal with every day.

Despite this,

A small upgrade that includes a picture-perfect deck and flower beds will do the trick.

5. Dull Look

A new painting job can do wonders! Source: HGTV


This dull yard looked disappointing and the exterior of the home didn’t do anything to add inspiration. The upgrade had to be comprehensive. It touched on the home with a new shade and a small gardening job on the yard to give it a whole new look.

6. A Jungle in the Back

Landscape upkeep is very important! Source: HGTV


Anyone with any basic knowledge of landscaping will tell you that the last thing you want on your backyard is a jungle. It will be a breeding ground for pests and it makes your home look a bit untidy. That is exactly what happens when you leave everything untidy for months or years. But there’s nothing that a little upgrade can’t do!

7. Just a Barren Lot

This plain backyard needed some inspiration! Source: HGTV


Grass can grow in any lawn but it needs a little care too. Without water and other nutrients, it looks like a worn out football field. This dull backyard didn’t have a lot to offer before the upgrade. It was just plain and in need of a fix. Luckily, it actually got one!

8. No Lawn at All

This is to show how important lawn care is! Source: HGTV


This home had a space but not a lawn. You could clearly see that there was never any effort at all to make the lawn more appealing. It was just a plain piece of land. This is actually a good thing because it allowed the revamp to start right from the ground. The results were simply outstanding!

9. Magic on the Rooftop

The rooftop also needs some attention! Source: HGTV


It’s hard to imagine that you can convert your unfinished rooftop and transform it into a great garden. But the only thing you need is a little imagination and you will be done! This is what happened in this design here.

10. Nothing to See Here

Now this was a huge transformation! Source: HGTV


This stretch of lawn was a heaven for the birds. It had nothing to show other than the large tree at the center and dry soil. But an upgrade was enough to give it some meaning and character all thanks to a little imagination.

Getting a quality lawn that will be the envy of all your neighbors is not that hard. The ideas above should help you get things done.

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