Interior designers are predicting major style shifts throughout the home in the year ahead with everywhere from the kitchen to the laundry room embracing a new combination of functionality and style which sheds the traditional definitions of what a space was for. Nowhere is this change more astonishing than in bathrooms where new design trends for 2015 add a long over-due sense of style! Just take a look at some of these new bathroom design trends and see what’s going to be hot in the coming year and what you could explore if you’re planning any bathroom remodeling in 2015.

Free-Standing Bathtubs

The elegant minimalism of free-standing bathtubs has been growing in popularity for the past few years and doesn't show any signs of stopping in 2015! The simplicity of the design inspires a spa-like sense of relaxation and when strategically installed within the room’s layout can free up space for stylish accent details while still serving both as the room’s focal point and one of it’s highly functional fixtures. What’s more, homeowners are growing more and more attached to free-standing bathtubs which are composed of composite materials rather than the more expensive material alternatives. That means that you don’t have to stress about the price of your bathroom’s new relaxing free-standing bathtub!

Echo Your Home’s Personality

The style and tone you've carefully designed throughout the rest of your home doesn't have to stop at your bathroom door anymore! Fashion-forward homeowners are incorporating the tone and personality of their home’s interior design into bathroom remodels today through furniture-inspired vanities and storage (and, yes, furniture itself)! These inclusions do wonders to bring the comfortable and inviting feel of the rest of your home into the room where the average homeowner spends most of their time and offer a refreshing change from the stark, utilitarian feel that bathrooms had long maintained.

Renew with Renewability

As with the past few years, 2015 will be a time of growing eco-friendly remodeling practices. Interior designers are looking for bathroom remodeling in the year ahead to strongly feature recycled and highly sustainable materials as well as organic influence in both color and decorating accents. Consider these options alongside energy-efficient fixtures to create a new bathroom which is stunning to experience and which pays both through reduced energy costs and incentive programs which many agencies offer for select “green” appliance purchases!

Metallic Hardware and Accents

It may seem strange to imagine a bathroom without the clean, shine of stainless steel accents but bathroom remodels in 2015 are set to focus much more on gold, copper, and bronze tones for everything from mirror frames to appliance hardware to decorative accents! This dramatic shift looks beautiful alongside a more earth-toned bathroom design and actually lends the space as a whole a warmer, more inviting feel. As with any high visibility accent, a light-touch is needed when applying these metallic tones to your new bathroom since there certainly can be too much of a good thing with these shining, eye-catching features.