The attic is one of the most important living spaces in any home. These days people are adding a few extra décor touches and making attics cozier than ever before. But one thing you cannot afford to ignore is the ventilation. 

Naturally, attics, unlike the rest of the house, don’t often get natural ventilation coming in. As such, extra measures must be taken and this is where the idea of attic fan installation comes in. 

But how much money would you need for this? In this post we are going to break down these details for you.

The Cost of Installing Attic Fan 

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As with many home improvement projects, the attic fan installation cost is not standard. In fact, it varies a lot depending on many factors. Despite this, on average, most people will pay somewhere between $100 and $1,000. 

This is a huge range and it's not an over-exaggeration. There are so many different types of attic fans including low-end cheap brands and the more expensive higher-end brands. 

Besides, the labor cost of installation will differ a lot from one location to the other. Nonetheless, a good rule would be to try to get installation quotes from a few contractors here and there. After that, you can decide which companies give you the best value for money.

Attic Fan Installation Cost by Fan Type

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As noted above, there are many different types of attic fans that you can use to cool that space. The type of fan also has a huge impact on the cost involved in the installation. 

Passive Fan 

Passive fans are perhaps some of the most basic types you can buy and as such, they tend to also be quite cheaper than other common types. Also, the cost of running these fans is way less since passive fans don’t need electricity to run. 

However, it's very difficult to customize heating and cooling conditions using this type of fan since it cannot be connected to a thermostat. But in case you are on a low budget, it should cost you between $75 and $100 to get the fan.

Roof Turbine 

In case you want something more efficient and effective that will still save you lots of money, then you can consider the roof turbine. 

These fans don’t also use electricity but they are very effective in pumping hot air out of the attic. You won’t be able to connect them to a thermostat either so customizing indoor climate conditions will be impossible. 

But then again, you only pay between $100 and $150. This is a huge bargain compared to the more advanced solar attic fan installation.

Attic Exhaust Fan 

The good thing about these fans is that they can be either electric or passive. So, if you are asking do electricians install attic fans, this would be the time to call them. 

While the average costs to install these fans will range between $100 and $450, in case you decide to pick a passive model, you will pay way less. 

But for people that want greater control of their indoor climate, buying an electric version that connects to the thermostat is recommended. It will, however, cost you a bit extra and you will pay more in running costs due to the electricity.

Solar Fans 

Right now, a lot of homeowners are moving towards cheap and sustainable homes. The use of solar fans is perhaps one of the best ways to get there fast. Think of the solar fan as an electric fan in every respect. 

But instead of using your main electricity supply, they simply use solar. This is one of the best attic fan options. The only downside with these fans is that they can be expensive to install. 

The price ranges from $300 to $1,000. But when you consider the cost savings in the long run, they should be truly worth the money.

Have you decided on what type of fan you want in your home? Then contact a local attic fan installation company and request a free quote!