Are you thinking of paving your home or property anytime soon? Well, as you know, there are several different options that you can explore. But over the years, the use of asphalt and blacktop seems to be gaining a lot of momentum. 

However, it's very easy to confuse these two since they are used interchangeably in the US. This is why we thought it would be nice to clarify the differences. This will help you decide if indeed you want blacktop paving or asphalt for your home, and which would be the better choice for you! 


One of the things that set asphalt and blacktop apart from each other is the kind of materials used to make each of them. This is also one of the key things that affect the asphalt driveway cost. 

So, two main ingredients are used to make asphalt. The first one is the crushed stone and the second is the bitumen. The stones are designed to provide the durability of asphalt while the bitumen will hold everything together. 

As you know, bitumen is a black viscous material that is made as a by-product of petroleum products. It is a very versatile liquid and has often been used in asphalt roofing and other areas. 

Now, blacktop also features a mix of bitumen and crushed stones, but there is a small caveat to note. Unlike with asphalt where the concentration of bitumen is higher, in blacktop the stones take much of the share.


There are also differences in the way they are applied. In most cases, blacktop is considered a less efficient alternative to asphalt. 

In that case, it is normally used in driveways and residential areas. This is why you are likely to find a blacktop driveways in many places. 

On the other hand, asphalt is seen as an efficient and softer surface due to the higher concentration of bitumen. This creates a nice driving surface for high speed. For this reason, you will notice that in most cases, it will be used on highways and racing tracks. 

In addition to this, asphalt is far more durable and will easily be able to withstand heavy traffic. Blacktop, despite its seemingly strong demeanor, is more prone to damage, especially when exposed to the elements.

Speed of Laying 

If you are planning to spend a small blacktop driveway cost, then one of the things you must wonder is how long it takes. 

Asphalt is relatively easier to install compared to blacktop. In addition to this, asphalt surfaces can be used relatively faster since they will need not more than two days to dry up. 

Blacktop, on the other hand, will need a bit of extra time to put up. It will also need a few extra days to dry so you won’t be able to use it as soon as you want. This can push the cost of laying the surface relatively higher.

Lifespan and Maintenance

Yes, the initial asphalt paving cost will no doubt be a bit high. But this is not something to worry about because, in the long run, it will be worth your money. 

This is because the cost of maintaining asphalt is quite low. Even in harsh snowy weather, asphalt requires very little maintenance. Besides, since asphalt can retain heat better compared to blacktop, it will make the road safer by ensuring there is not too much ice accumulation. 

Deciding between asphalt and blacktop is not always something most homeowners get to do. This is because many see the two as the same thing. 

However, even though they both have a lot of similarities, as you can see from the breakdown above there are certain fundamental differences to note. But depending on your needs, either of these paving materials can work.

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