Having a swimming pool in your own backyard, especially during the summer months, can be a real dream come true. Not only does it add value to your house and is more appealing to potential buyers, but also allows elders

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to take a dip relaxing their muscles and children to splash around with friends. But, it sometimes can be a hassle to maintain and can come with its own problems and additional costs. If you are deciding to install a swimming pool, I advise you to take a look at the pros and cons to see if it is something you really want to pursue. If you already have a swimming pool, here are some reasons for why your monthly bill may be what it is.

Why Own a Pool?

The main reason to owning a swimming pool is the “fun” factor it can bring, especially during the three to four months of summer when it is hot and humid outside. Friends and families can get together for pool parties or jacuzzi time. Pools can also make your backyard more visually exciting by adding a tropical element to it. Lastly, pools provide great exercise that come with increased health benefits. It is an excellent cardio workout that is not too hard on the joints, bones, or muscles.

The Downsides to Having a Pool

The routine maintenance required with having a pool is the biggest issue to why it may not seem so appealing to many. First, installing a swimming pool can be quite costly and can not always be afforded by everyone. Secondly, swimming pools needs regular cleaning, filter and chemical check, vacuuming, and other types of work done. Neglecting these duties can result in bigger technical problems or growth of algae or other bacteria. Another issue of concern of having a swimming pool is the safety of small children. It is highly recommended to gate or fence the pool to keep small children from accidentally falling in and drowning. Every day nine people drown in the U.S. and is the leading cause of accidental injury-related death in children ages 1 to 14. Not many people realize the dangers of drowning and its prevalence. If If you have a pool, you should consider signing your children up for swimming lessons to avoid this tragedy. It’s also just a great life skill to have!

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What Contributes to Your Monthly Bill

For repairs and maintenance, there are four main factors that can contribute to the monthly cost. There are many types of pumps that run at variable times and speeds. The pump usually runs all day filtering and sanitizing the water. You can get pumps that run at multiple speeds or at low speeds for the entire day. Strategize about which pump would work more efficiently and cost effectively for you. Heating is not a necessity but, helps to keep the pool at a comfortable temperature during the year. It does require maintenance and electricity but can vary in costs depending on how big the pool is, the amount of sunlight, and the air temperature. The third major factor is the chemical component. Swimming pools need chemicals in order to be safely enjoyed. The pH levels need to be tested regularly to makes sure they are neutral. But, there are alternatives to using chemicals such as salt; however, salt usually tends to be a little more pricey. There can also be other general problems like broken pumps, clogged filters, or cracks and rips in the liners of the pool. Overall a swimming pool can take quite a bit out of your paycheck. So, you have to determine if it is worth the investment or not?