Bedroom Additions for a New Home Resident

If your family is growing or you’re expecting a new tenant, it may be time to expand your house’s borders. The most cost effective way to do that would be to convert an old room into a living space, and that’s usually what homeowners opt to do. Taking an unused garage or basement and turning it into a bedroom will accommodate your new guest and could easily be done yourself for minimal pricing. Otherwise it’s always a possibility to put in a brand new addition to your existing house, creating new floor space from the ground up.

Finally Putting in that Second Bathroom

Again, growing families can have a lot of growing pains. What’s the typical family morning routine? The kids are trying to get to school on time, you’re trying to get to work on time, and there’s always that one person who takes too long in the shower. So why not add on another bathroom? While remodeling an unused room is always an option, this may be one of the cases where expanding your home could be the best choice. Since bathroom additions will inevitably include plumbing and piping installations, it often is best to add on a new room as opposed to going through the old one. This is especially true in terms of basements and garages, where drilling through cement and concrete are never truly optimal ideas, although they are doable in a pinch. Think of all the time you’ll save in the morning when everyone is rushing around trying to get where they’re going. A second bathroom could be worth the headache of installation to save you from the headache of the morning routine.

Putting on an Entire Second Story

If your home is getting a bit crowded, or you’re just in need of a bit more living space, consider adding a second floor to your home. This can really free up your downstairs in a number of different ways. When your top floor consists of only living quarters, then your first story can be whatever you want it to be. While this may be one of the more expensive suggestions, if you love your home and neighborhood, and your family has roots there, it could be preferable to moving into a larger home.

Turning your Basement into the Ultimate Den

The basement is one of the most remodeled rooms in the American household. Although the majority of homeowners use their basements for storage space, there are quite a few houses that wish to use their sub floor areas for other means. Most commonly this falls under the category of a den. There is usually a strong desire to turn it into an entertainment room, pool room, or even a bar. Then again this can always be a cheap makeover with just some carpeting, a couch or recliner, and a big screen television. Whatever is needed to make a perfect room to watch the game in, a quick revamp could be all that is necessary to turn your basement into a fully functional recreational area.