Then it was time for adult life. You knew it would arrive someday. Good news is, it’s time to decorate your home exactly as you want it to be! However, not all adults can afford adult prices. So, at first, it looks like you already have several challenges. It’s hard enough to “act your age,” let alone to afford your age! To help you with these challenges, we have gathered a few grown-up solutions to make your apartment as cozy as your adult life should be.

1. Put your blankets on display.

Display your blankets in a basket to keep your home feeling cozy and grown-up.
Displaying your blankets can help your home feel cozier. Via One Kings Lane
Display your blankets on a ladder to give your home a cozy, rustic vibe.
Give your home a cozy, rustic feel by displaying your blankets on a ladder. Via Love Grows Wild

You can take out your blankets and show them off!! Whether you put them in a basket or on a ladder, they can become beautiful and cozy decorations.

2. Grab a pretty branch or oversized leaf from the great outdoors, and put it in a jug or vase that you already own.

Put a leaf or two in a vase you already own to create the essence of a plant without the maintenance.
Put a big leaf in a vase to add the essence of a plant to your home. Via The Jungalow

To add a little green to your room, pop a big leaf or two in a pretty vase and you have the impact of a plant.

3. Use your holidays light all year round.

Use your holiday lights all year round by putting them behind a sheer, white curtain to add a dreamy and cozy vibe to your room.
Use your Christmas lights all year long by putting them behind a sheer, white curtain. Via Warm Hot Chocolate

Christmas lights can be used all year round, if used correctly. Put them behind a white curtain in the corner and they overcome cheesy and become cozy and classy.

4. Gather all of your candles in one place.

Make a display of candles on a silver platter to add warmth and coziness to your room.
Arrange candles on a tray to add glowing warmth to your room. Via Buzzfeed

The power of assembly! A single candle randomly lit will not have the same effect as if you assemble many on one single tray or plate (a silver plate is perfect for that). All together they will have the glowing impact of a fireplace.

5. Rearrange the art you already own into a gallery wall.

If you have a lot of art scattered around your home, bring all the pieces together to form a beautiful gallery wall.
Make your own gallery art wall with art you already own. Via Passion Shake

Gather the art you already have scattered around the house, think about pallets and the conversation you want to establish among them, frame them when necessary and create your own gallery. We have found a guideline to do it here.

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. That’s true for life and for decorating as well. If you don’t mind us providing you with more inspiration, click here.