Looking for a decor that’s got everything to do with your personality, but lacking the time and the money? Creating a cheap and creative decoration for your bedroom so it looks even more beautiful isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Here are some decorating tips that you can do yourself at home with just a little patience, good taste and creativity.

1. Secure small drawer pulls onto a picture frame for a DIY tray.

Make a DIY Decorative tray by using drawer handle pulls and a picture frame.
Make this cute and easy DIY decorative tray. Via Made By Girl

Decorative trays are great because there are so many uses for them. You can use them to serve food (preferably breakfast in bed!) or you can put them on your bar cart or coffee table to serve cocktails. You can also use them to display jewelry, perfume and nail polishes. The best part about this tray is that it is made with a picture frame. We’ll show you how here.

2. Use wooden craft sticks and some paint to make a geometric accent wall.

Using some basic supplies, you can make an incredible honeycomb wall in your bedroom easily!
With wooden craft sticks and paint, you can turn your bedroom wall into a beautiful honeycomb. Via Vintage Revivals

This honeycomb wall is the prettiest! Notice how full colors were used on the far right and then diluted with water into lighter tones.

3. Add some life to your room with a DIY picture frame terrarium.

Use picture frames to make a mini greenhouse terrarium!
Use picture frames to make a mini greenhouse terrarium. Via Ella Claire

Learn how to make a greenhouse out of picture frames. How cool is that?

4. Melt some crayons to create color-blocked candles

Melt crayons to make your own easy DIY colorblock candles.
Melt crayons to make your own awesome candles. Via Brit + Co

What's cool about this project is that it goes beyond the tie-dye look most similar crayon/candle projects have.

5.Some simple votives and watercolor paint can create these unique pieces.

Use watercolors to paint on your votive candle holders to give them an artsy vibe
Use watercolor paints to make these artsy votive candle holders. Via Once Wed

Get inspired to paint the insides of these votives for some colorful candlelight. They couldn’t be easier to make.

If your bedroom is the place you love the best in your house, you should give it special attention. Find out more awesome ideas on how to make it beautiful without spending too much.