Spring has finally sprung and after the long winter homeowners are eager to get their property looking gorgeous again. Unfortunately, for homeowners that bust out the gardening gear in these early spring days with more focus on the warm weather to come than the still cool weather we have, these early spring gardening efforts can often be nothing more than a very costly, very time-consuming waste as only specific species of plants and flowers can hope to withstand the still cool conditions. That said, by working with these spring-loving flowers you can quickly give your home’s garden and landscaping a fresh new look and life to match the vibrancy of the season!


Without knowing it, you probably already think of thriving pansies as being one of the definitive signs of spring arriving, right alongside the first robin. Thanks to the plant’s love of cool, damp soil and it’s veritable rainbow of colors and styles, pansies can help to lend a splash of color to any home’s landscaping in even the earliest days of spring.


Despite its somewhat sinister name, bloodroot flowers are a gorgeous addition to gardens which last through the whole spring season. What’s more, homeowners with less than optimal access to sunlight annually turn to this versatile flower since it has been proven to thrive in high amounts of shade and even highly populated soil. For a clean, white glow that demands little attention, bloodroot is a must-have.


If you have access to enough space and want a stunning combination of the sweet look and smell of spring, planting lilac bushes is one of the best ways to get the most out of your home’s garden and landscape. Keep in mind, however that these plants can grow to be very large and require abundant sunshine and watering to let the plant thrive.


Another iconic member of the spring landscape, daffodils offer a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and care demands ensuring that just about anyone can enjoy the warmth and vibrancy of their growth without having to work too hard to maintain their ongoing growth. What’s more, planting daffodils in your home’s garden allows for a great deal of nutrients in the soil once they begin to wither, making the land more inviting for summer flowers to follow.


One of the most popular and best suited flowers for the spring season has been the tulip for generations now. As with daffodils and pansies, these timeless and versatile flowers have become an integral part of spring gardens and with their abundant variety of colors, styles, and levels of care demands, tulips have become one of the most abundantly planted flowers in the country.