Many people find that designing a product is a very simple thing. When coming up with a new product, you have to think about thousands of factors. In this post we selected some of the worst failures in product design. Just to add more proof that one should pay close attention to all possibilities of things going wrong before creating a new product.

1. The too cool to do drugs pencil...

This Too Cool to Do Drugs pencil is the ultimate design fail.
Don't make the same mistake! Via Bored Panda

This amusing picture, of an anti-drug propaganda pencil whose message is subverted simply by sharpening it, been doing the rounds.

2. Don't think the owner of this hotel thought this through...

This carpeting design fail is sure to give someone a headache.
This carpeting is sure to give someone a headache. Via Bored Panda

We hope their insurance is up to date!

3. Take a left and then bunnyhop to your destination...

We hope the bicyclists who use this lane can also do some tricks.
Let's hope these bicyclists can jump really high. Via Bored Panda


4. This bathroom door is cut out so it could swing past the toilet...

Well, that's one way to get around a bathroom remodel.
How does this even happen? Via Bored Panda

This is actually remarkable.

5. This elevator button panel...

I think they need an electrician to fix this elevator panel.
There are no words for this one. Via Bored Panda

We couldn’t have done it better ourselves.

6. I don't know, this is too risky....

There is something very wrong here...
This doesn't feel very safe... Via Bored Panda

Something’s very wrong here.

As you can see, design mistakes can happen anywhere at any time. See more big design mistakes here.