The home improvement industry is positively buzzing about lighting in 2015 because of the huge variety of style, efficiency, and price-range options now available within the residential lighting market. In fact, many homeowners are just now discovering the enormous effect a carefully crafted lighting design can have on their home’s style, property value, energy efficiency, and monthly electrical bills! If you’re one of these homeowners, or are simply interested in finding out about the newest interior design trends for the year ahead, here’s an enlightening look into the coolest lighting design options that are about to sweep the country.

Wireless and Remote Lighting Installations

In the past few years lighting companies have been working hard on innovations and advances which make controlling your home’s electricity more convenient and more customized than a traditional “on/off” light switch by the door. These advances have reached an amazing new height in the form of remote-controlled lighting options which can be tied to everything from your security system to your smartphone. These options are just beginning to appear on the residential lighting market and are expected to be one of the biggest innovations of home remodeling in 2015!

Pendant Lighting Installations

When it comes to creating a focal point in your home’s interior design, pendant lighting installations are quickly becoming the go-to solution for homeowners all over the U.S. Pendant lighting options are now available in just about every shape, style, and finish you can imagine meaning that installing a sleek, chrome pendant light in your modern-style kitchen and a warm, contoured pendant light in your quiet, traditional-style study will not only blend well with the unique interior design you’ll created but actually highlight some of its more stand-out features!

LED Lighting Installations

Incandescent and fluorescent lighting technology simply cannot match the benefits of LED lighting anymore! LED lights now represent a higher level of energy efficiency, lastability, safety, and yes, even light output than nearly all other competitors! For all these reasons, homeowners have been making the switch to LED lighting options for the past few years with no sign of stopping in the year ahead. In fact, many electricians are reporting that LED lighting installations are now being performed in more parts of the home than ever including exterior lighting, shower lighting, and cabinet/drawer lighting!

Chandelier Installations

Whether you’re interested in adding an elegant classic charm to your dining room or a quirky contemporary touch to your living room, 2015 calls for chandeliers to make a big comeback! That said, styles and designs have evolved enormously since the days when chandeliers were first brought into high-class homes around the world. Today you can find a wide variety of different options for chandelier installations to suit any style, space, or budget!