When it comes to styling coffee tables, many people try to use books, flowers, and maybe even a tray. If you do the same and never seem to like the way your coffee table looks when you have guests over, try one of these twelve coffee table styling ideas and take your coffee table from amateur to professional in no time.

Candlesticks and a Mini Tray

use candlesticks and a mini try to style your coffee table
Elle Decor

Beautiful candlesticks and tapers add statuesque glamour while a small, delightful tray brings the eye back down to the rest of the action. Design by Kristin Cadwallader of Bliss at Home.

Porcelain Animal and Coral

a porcelain animal and coral create a stunning coffee table display
Elle Decor

It makes for a whimsical, subtly sparkly display. Design by Tiffany Eastman via Marcus Design Inc.

Double Coffee Tables and a Sculpture

use a sculpture and two coffee tables instead of one
Elle Decor

With the right amount of space, two tables can be twice as nice. An eye-catching sculpture adds height and drama. Design by Thom Filicia via Elle Decor, photographed by William Waldron.

Succulents and Terrariums

succulents are a great alternative to flowers for your coffee table styling
Elle Decor

An excellent option if you’d rather skip flowers but want some natural inspiration on the table. Bonus: No stressing about replacing these guys! Design by Homepolish via Refinery 29, photography by Zeke Ruelas Photography.

A Blanket

using a blanket on your coffee table adds intrigue
Elle Decor

Who says a tablecloth is out of the question for the coffee table? Here it adds sumptuous texture and an additional layer of intrigue. Design by Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada via Elle Decor, photographed by Simon Upton.

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