One of the newest advancements in the world of home remodeling is metal roofing and all over the country homeowners are looking into this new roofing material as a potential solution for their home’s roofing service needs. But is metal roofing worth considering for your home’s new roof installation? Today we discuss some of the major benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing installations to help you decide if this newly developed technology is right for your personal style, budget, and property.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

The interest in metal roofing installations that has developed around the country is based on a number of different factors, though in many of these factors a steadily growing number of homeowners are quick to declare metal roofing as the new standard for quality and resiliency!


Metal roofing systems are specially designed to be resistant against fire, water, wind, and even lightning damage when proper preventative measures are taken, a huge protective measure for homeowners in all parts of the United States!


You may be quick to think that metal roofing is too heavy and stiff to install on most houses but professionals are quick to inform homeowners that at 50 - 150 pounds per square foot, metal roofing is more lightweight than many other popular roofing materials.


No matter what style or design you choose for your home’s metal roof you can expect it’s strength, beauty, and reliability to last for an incredibly long time! With proper installation and maintenance you can expect your metal roof to last for up to 50 years, all the while looking and performing perfectly.

Energy Efficiency

Because of the unique properties of metal roofs homeowners can count on a much higher level of energy efficiency once they’ve shifted to metal. The specially designed metal roof materials reflect excess heat from the environment while decreasing the amount of energy loss which escapes through your attic.

Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

While metal roofing certainly has features and benefits which can’t be matched by other material options, it is still a fairly new advancement in the industry and so still has a number of points which make it less than desirable.

Cost vs. Return on Investment

As a new advancement in roofing material, metal roofing is often more expensive to install than most other roofing options, typically costing up to $600 per square. What’s more, since homebuyers are still largely uncertain about the looks and reliability of metal roofing recouping your investment on metal roofing is often not certain.


While metal roofing is very resilient against most forms of damage, dents and scratches are unfortunately very common with metal roofs. Homeowners need to be mindful of dents and scratches which develop both from walking on the surface and from any impacts from hail to falling tree branches.

Noisy Living Space

As a result of having a metal surface above you, noise is sure to be a factor when strong winds or rain develop. There are now developments which strive to reduce this noise though for many homeowners it’s still a factor worth considering.

Expansions and Contractions

Metal roofing naturally expands and contracts when the outside temperature grows to be excessively hot or cold, respectively. That said, a professionally installed metal roof features a specialized series of fasteners which can account for these movements in most cases.